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In the digital world, capturing attention and persuading potential audiences to become paying customers is a tricky thing to master.

Good thing our lead generation services do just that. Our team can create interactive lead magnets for any business, offering your site visitors useful, free content in exchange for their contact information. The goal: to build up your email list with qualified prospects. This way, you can gain as much knowledge as possible about your target customers before sending them down the sales funnel.

From quick quizzes to handy calculators, your prospects can enjoy useful tools and fun features – while you collect invaluable information!

Why we’re a great fit

  • Practical solutions

    We'll recommend marketing strategies, channels and tactics that suit your business, your audience and your budget.

  • We focus on data

    Our number nerds analyse and optimise the things that matter, ensuring your marketing translates into tangible outcomes.

  • We embrace change

    New technology is constantly coming out. We’re always adapting to the latest tools, keeping you ahead of the pack and bringing the best possible results.

  • We're reliable

    There's a reason more businesses trust Redback than any other Newcastle digital agency.

Check out our own lead magnet!

Estimate your ROI with RB

To hit home on just how effective these interactive tools can be, we’ll lead by example (see what we did there?).

We’ve developed a simple online calculator to help you figure out what advertising outcomes you need to achieve in order to generate a healthy return on investment.

You’ll discover the value of our marketing efforts as you weigh up the cost of each tactic with the new leads, conversions and sales it could generate. Best of all – this little tool is free of charge!

Go on, have a go. You know you want to.

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Strategies to attract qualified prospects

Lead Generation Marketing

Only around 5-10% of leads turn into paying customers. Let’s make sure your prospects are in this minority.

We’ll do whatever we can to pull in qualified prospects that get you more bang for your buck, creating custom lead generation strategies to really stimulate buyer interest!

Whether included on landing pages, in email blasts, via social media or alongside video content, our interactive lead magnets will transform audiences into converting customers.

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A lead magnet is an incentive that businesses offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets usually offer a voucher or discount code, or, a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF, eBook, or video.

A Lead Magnet can completely make or break your lead generation success. You firstly need to make sure you have identified your ideal customer and their buyer persona. This includes their problem which you can solve, as well as their priorities, objections, information channels and typical buying process.

Once you’ve decided who your target audience is, you have to develop a value proposition, giving them a compelling reason to obtain their free offer. A lead magnet with an irresistible offer grabs the attention of your pre identified buyer persona and delivers real value to them.

Once you have identified all of this and created your lead magnet, make sure that it is placed on a relevant landing page and is super visible!

A lead magnet is used to generate targeted leads online and in the long term, increase sales! It converts your website visitors to a lead, shows an expression of interest in your offer, and gives you the ability to market your products or services to them. By winning over your leads with a free offer, you have now started your relationship with them on a positive note.

Before you create a lead magnet, you need to know who your ideal customer is, where they are, and what they are willing to buy. Knowing all of this will determine which lead magnet will work best for your business and offering.

For example, discount or free shipping codes often perform extremely well for ecommerce stores. Alternatively, free trial periods are a great incentive to generate leads for a software company.

In any case, you’ll want to ensure your lead magnets are interactive, relevant and valuable to your prospects.

As with any lead magnet, the information you ask for needs to be useful to your business. If you aren’t doing any text message marketing, then a phone number isn’t a useful piece of information for you to obtain.

People are also less likely to provide their phone number in comparison to an email address. As a phone number is a much more personal piece of contact information, the lead magnet would have to offer something incredible, that the potential customer just could not pass up. This often comes at a greater expense to the business.

By capturing an email address, you can then remarket to your new lead and capture their phone number further into their buyer journey when it may become more valuable to you.

n 3 years, we have grown from a product concept to doing over $4m a year and growing steeply. Redback was engaged from the start and we see them as an integral part of our long term growth plans.
Josie, Director – Ecommerce brand

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