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From lone logos to whole websites, our Newcastle graphic designers will ensure your brand stands out and stays consistent across channels.

We’ll deep dive into your brand, market and target audience to create purposeful designs that consumers will actually connect with. That means more leads, sales and ROI for your business!

Want to leave a lasting impression for the right reasons? Let’s make your brand memorable where it matters most.

Why we’re a great fit

  • We help you reach your full potential

    We identify new opportunities and maximise existing ones for even greater success! Whatever your goals, let’s reach them together.

  • We listen so you can evolve

    Changes in user behaviour mean different business tactics are needed over time. We’ll adapt strategies accordingly to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • We keep things easy & efficient

    We’re always finding ways to become more systemised and streamlined to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Our graphic designer

Ben Lidgard

Our Newcastle agency has joined forces with senior graphic designer, Ben, to deliver intelligent and innovative experiences for any audience.

Ben has created impactful digital designs for a range of brands big and small across tech, financeeducatione-comm and health industries (to name just a few). And there’s more where that came from!

With a diverse skillset covering both design and technology, Ben will motivate your potential and existing customers with strategic visuals styled to fuel action.

Your-day modern branding agency

Modern, premium & practical

A bold brand refresh

Elecbrakes has fast become Australia’s leading electric brake controller – but its old brand failed to convey the quality, expertise and innovation behind this revolutionary approach to towing. 

Cue our brand design services. The goal? To portray Elecbrakes as a modern, knowledgable and practical alternative to conventional competitors.

Now, bold colours compliment sharp, modern typography for maximum impact, while a subtle topographic map underlay reflects the environment Elecbrakes excels in.

Complete with engineer-inspired drawings of various products, the clean new branding feels expert, technical and reliable.

In other words, we nailed it.

Solid, sophisticated & authentic

Building a strong identity

The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) creates vibrant community hubs for members to knock around with mates. And they needed a contemporary brand identity to showcase that core focus on social connectedness and grass roots.

So that’s exactly what we created. To really hit home on the positive energy and rustic feel at each Men’s Shed, we used a rich natural colour with earthy tones and textured designs.

Subtle patterns convey craftsmanship and movement, while unique typography offers a sense of quirkiness and friendliness. Plus, some hand-drawn illustrations add that personal touch!

Then we developed a simple set of guidelines and templates to make sure this solid brand identity remained consistent across every touch point. All or nothing, right?

  • core web vitals optimation
Ben is that very rare breed in his industry: he is an expert at his craft and absolutely reliable. His ability to rapidly take the simplest kernel of a design idea to a fully fleshed-out style guide, remains unmatched in my experience. The quality of Ben's design work is truly world-class.
Wayde, Trade supply brand, on our Designer Ben's work


A graphic designer utilises computer software (and creative flair) to produce visual elements and layouts for digital or printed applications.

They communicate a specific concept or identity to attract, inform and engage consumers with a range of media including: typography, colours, shapes, images, animations and logos.

At the end of the day, your graphic designer’s is to make your business stand out with captivating and consistent branding.

Graphic design can be used for a wide range of applications, including your:

  • Company branding and identity
  • Website
  • Social marketing comms
  • Printed and online ads
  • Emails, forms and reports
  • Brochures, guides, infographics and spec sheets
  • Product packaging
  • Company merchandise
  • And more

Speak with our team today to see what our graphic designer can do for you!

In short, yes. A logo is a symbol or stylised name used to represent a brand or product. As these are visual art types and graphic is inherently a visual art, logos are  graphic design.

That said, graphic design also encompasses a whole range of other visual forms, from posters and product packaging to email templates and website elements.

That’s up to you, your needs and budget. We’ll schedule a kick-off call to confirm your business objectives and requirements, which in turn will help us to determine what and how many graphic design elements are suitable for your needs. We’ll also hit you with some creative ideas while we’re at it!

From there, we’ll recommend a tailored solution that best suits your requirements. Whether you need a once-off logo, a complete branding refresh or a continuous flow of visual elements for different projects, we can structure the right graphic design and branding package.

We can also design unique branded GIFs and Stickers for your business. Created for use across socials, email and webpages, these stand-out digital animations will get your brand moving online!

The more branding direction you can give us, the better. In other words, if you’ve got any existing branded material on hand (such as style guides, logos, icons and image libraries), please send it our way.

That said, our talented team can also work from scratch. We can even create a brand guidelines document on your behalf before we dive into graphic design production. Just let us know where you’re at and we’ll work out the rest!

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