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Whatever the goal, format or channel, our Newcastle copywriters will deliver words that work for your brand. From website pages and blogs for SEO, to social ads and emails, our wordsmiths will tell your story just the way you like it.

Written content can help your brand cut through the competition on Google, Facebook, Gmail and more – you just need the time and talent to string the right words together.

At Redback, we craft copy for tangible business outcomes – whether that means weaving in all the right keywords to boost your search engine rankings, driving leads with enticing offers or reeling in readers with useful tips and tricks.

Why we’re a great fit

  • We achieve results

    Our team has collectively worked with over 500 businesses to drive real, tangible results and we’d love to help you too.

  • We’ll help you reach your full potential

    We identify new opportunities and maximise existing ones for even greater success! Whatever your goals, let’s reach them together.

  • We keep things easy & efficient

    We’re always finding ways to become more systemised and streamlined to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

  • We actually like our jobs

    To us, work isn’t a daily grind. It’s our passion. We thrive off smashing your goals - and we’re pretty awesome at it if we do say so ourselves!

Winning copy for your campaigns

Ad messaging with impact

Whether you’re planning to use Google Ads, social media marketing or email campaigns as part of your digital strategy, copywriting will be involved in some way.

Thankfully, our in-house copywriters are ready at your disposal. We’ll create powerful messaging that encourages people to engage with your brand and get in on the action.

Before we put a pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), we’ll learn what makes your brand unique, and your customers tick. Then we’ll combine the facts with our knack for words to win over your target audience.

Content for Google

Structured for search visibility

You have the expert knowledge of your business, we’ve got the skill to ensure this information is seen and understood.

Launching a new website is a golden opportunity to refresh and refine your messaging. By lacing in keywords that will tap into your target audience, we optimise copy for suitable search terms so that your website gets in front of the perfect people.

From there, our SEO copywriters will use engaging and informative messaging to convert curious clickers into paying customers!


Copywriting is creating written content that aims to increase brand awareness, share useful information about your business and/or persuade the audience to take a particular action – be that buying a product or service, signing up to a newsletter or contacting you.

Blogs are a great way to promote a product or service, as well as share information and expertise about a topic in your industry.

The main purpose of your blog strategy is to drive traffic to your website with an evolving collection of informative and engaging articles that tap into target keywords. In other words, you can create useful resources that address your audience’s most common queries and wants, in turn building your presence as a helpful and valuable business.

Research has shown that you have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website, and that businesses using blogs as part of their content strategy get 67% more leads than those who don’t. So if you’re not already blogging, these should serve as pretty compelling reasons to start!

We knew you were going to ask this one! There are many variables that can and should be considered when deciding on the best length for your blog posts. As with any content creation, it’s always a great idea to look back at your 4 W’s – who, will, what, where.

We always aim to write our blogs anywhere between 800 – 2,000 words, depending on the audience, topic, and purpose. That said, there is no ideal length your blog post should be – it just needs to supply the best, most useful and optimised content for your target audience that matches their intent.

Always remember, quality over quantity.

We sent our monthly newsletter yesterday and the highlight was the blog article Redback wrote. So far, we've had hundreds of people go from email to the article and a number have commented on what a great piece it is!
Chris, Marketing Manager

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