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Digital marketing Newcastle Practical marketing,
real outcomes.

Developing an effective digital marketing strategy is so much more than "doing SEO", “running a Facebook ad” or “building a website”. Our approach to digital marketing starts with understanding your business, your customers and your market.

We then help you devise a practical plan to take advantage of your strengths and capitalise on new opportunities.

Planning is important, but our digital strategies don’t end with a “just a plan”. Our team of 25 digital specialists have the expertise and the capacity to execute. Redback is a marketing agency committed to perpetual improvement. With the world constantly evolving, our clients rely on us to keep them ahead of the pack.

Why we’re a great fit

  • Practical solutions

    We'll recommend marketing strategies, channels and tactics that suit your business, your audience and your budget.

  • We focus on data

    Our number nerds analyse and optimise the things that matter, ensuring your marketing translates into tangible outcomes.

  • We embrace change

    New technology is constantly coming out. We’re always adapting to the latest tools, keeping you up to speed and aiming for the best possible results.

  • We're reliable

    There's a reason more businesses trust Redback than any other Newcastle digital agency.

In 3 years, we have grown from a product concept to doing over $4m a year and growing steeply. Redback was engaged from the start and we see them as an integral part of our long term growth plans.
Josie, Director – Ecommerce brand

Sick of investing in shiny digital marketing plans that never get implemented?

Won’t happen here, promise.

Brand positioning, marketing channels, creatives and financial objectives are all key to forming a well-rounded digital strategy. With an eye on the long term, we’ll help you understand your customers, where they are and how best to engage them. You’ll get 20% planning and 80% action as we focus on implementing tactics, testing what works and refining the strategy over time.

At the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours: for your business to succeed. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve your return on investment, identifying and actioning efficient ways to get you the best bang for your buck.

Ready for a reliable, practical and effective Newcastle digital marketing agency to take your brand to the next level? We’d love to meet you!

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Digital marketing agency Newcastle

Win big with digital marketing

We’re stoked to be one of just a handful of Aussie agencies awarded with the Google Premier Partner badge, a testament to our excellent campaign management, account performance and client service skills.

From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online advertising to social media and content marketing, we’ve got a proven track record in all major digital marketing channels. With an eye on the long term, our team will help you to figure out which tactics work best for your business and budget. Whatever the project, we’re dedicated to achieving results and exceeding expectations!

When you choose Redback, you get access to a team of highly specialised digital experts who can tackle any project with a personal touch. Let’s smash your goals together.

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More ways we can help…

Digital marketing success

  • Google Ads [PP icon]

Stay on top of the competition

What are you chasing? Better quality leads? Lower cost-per-conversion? Higher return on ad spend? We’ll help you cut through the competition, get your ads in front of the right people and keep an eye on the prize that matters most to you.

From the outside, Google’s beast of an advertising platform can look extremely complex and confusing. Luckily, we know Google ads like the back of our hand (so much so they awarded us the coveted Premier Partner badge!).

Over the years, we’ve helped heaps of businesses grow with Google Ads and we’d love to help you too.

  • Facebook Advertising

Cost-effective brand engagement

Harness the power of Facebook ads to reach and engage your audience, right where they hang out online. With flexible content formats, budget setting options and advanced targeting strategies, we’ll help you reach the right people and get the most bang for your buck.

Facebook ads are about more than just getting ‘likes’, comments or video views. With a focus on conversions, we’ll deliver campaigns that drive real results for your business.

Want to increase leads, generate sales and improve your ROI? We can turn this dream into a reality with advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

  • Instagram Advertising

Turn likes into leads with targeted ads

Unleash your brand’s creative side and take advantage of Instagram’s ever-evolving platform. With savvy advertising strategies, our team will help your business reach target audiences, boost brand awareness and increase purchases at the tap of a screen.

From sponsored images and videos to Instagram story ads, we’ll help you figure out what format will work for your business and produce the best results. Turn likes into leads, posts into purchases and increase your marketing ROI.

We want to show you that we know our stuff, so we’ll start with a free (yep, you read that right) audit of your Insta profile. Let’s get started today!

  • YouTube Video Advertising

Engage your audience with mobile-first video

Traditional TV advertisers are moving over to digital platforms like YouTube for good reason. More eyeballs, greater precision targeting, better cost efficiency and deeper user insights.

Take advantage of the second-largest search engine in the world. With specifically-targeted YouTube ads, we’ll help you educate and nurture potential prospects, creating lasting relationships in an authentic, engaging way.

Looking for a modern, mobile-first video advertising strategy? You’re in safe hands with Redback.

  • Linkedin Advertising

The smart solution for B2B marketing

If your business sells to other businesses, then LinkedIn advertising is a gold mine! The ability to connect with valuable audiences in a meaningful way and reach the people that matter most to your business makes LinkedIn advertising a truly lucrative option.

We’ll help you build brand awareness, increase leads and create lasting relationships with key stakeholders, industry leaders and decision-makers across the globe. If you mean business, we’re here to help.

Want to generate high-quality leads? Let’s get started with LinkedIn ads today!

  • Pinterest Advertising

Picture perfect advertising with every Pin
Consumers buy with their eyes, so advertising on Pinterest gives you instant access to users at the beginning of the buyer journey. We’ll help you create Pinterest ads to boost brand awareness and drive buyer action.

Not only that, we’ll also develop a Pinterest SEO strategy to get your content in front of a wide audience who are genuinely interested and engaged with your brand or product.

A popular social media platform, an up-and-coming search engine and a powerful advertising platform all in one. What more could you want?

  • Spotify Advertising

Cut through the noise with audio ads

Stay ahead of the pack and take advantage of this new(ish) exciting advertising opportunity! Spotify ads allow your audience to take your message with them all day as they listen to music and podcasts in their headphones, car radios and speaker systems.

From podcasts and audio ads to visual displays, there’s an ad format suitable for every need and budget. We’ll help you figure out what works best for your business and your audience.

Want to get inside your audience’s mind? Let’s get started with Spotify ads today!

  • Email & Database Marketing

Grow, nurture, convert

We know how to make the most out of your biggest advertising asset – your email database. With cleverly crafted messages and automated tools, we’ll help you connect with your audience directly, build brand loyalty and convert prospects over time.

Audience segmentation is key to delivering relevant, engaging content. We’ll split up your database according to location, interest, purchase history and more, developing specific useful content for your audience and creating real results for your business.

We’ve helped heaps of clients automate their sales processes, re-engage prospects and improve their marketing ROI. We want to help you too!

  • Online Display & Remarketing

Target, retarget, convert

We’ll help you reach your ideal customer on their preferred digital platforms. Then, we’ll remind them about you when they’re ready to buy and buy again, putting your ad in front of the right people at the right time.

It might sound complicated but trust us, it works. If you want to reach more qualified leads, increase conversions and reduce your ROI, it’s time to leverage display and remarketing ads.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to boost your business success with effective funnel strategies and smart online targeting.

  • Multi-Location Marketing

Let’s get your business in front of local prospects

Chasing local customers? Got multiple business locations? We’ll define your digital strategy and achieve scale with multi-location digital tactics.

We’ll be honest, managing SEO for multiple locations is a time consuming, complex job. Consistent branding, audience segmentation, local content, local ads and advanced analytics are just some of the things you need to think about. Luckily, we’re up to the task.

If location is important to your business, we’re the marketing agency for you. We’ve managed digital campaigns for brands with up to 80 franchises! Now it’s your turn.

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Our process for

Digital Strategy Success

1. Understanding you

We take the time to understand the ins and outs of your business. What matters to you? What goals do you hope to achieve? Let’s work together to figure it out.

2. Understanding your customers

Who are your customers? What do they need and want? Where do they hang out online? Understanding how your customers think is the key to reaching and engaging them effectively.

3. Understanding the market

We take the time to understand the characteristics, demand and challenges both your business and industry face.

3. Choosing channels and activities

What will get the most results for your business? Depending on your goals, you may benefit from SEO, content marketing, social media marketing – the options are endless! We’ll help to determine which one works best for you.

5. Defining creative strategy

Now we get down to the nitty gritty. What tactics, messaging, tone of voice and visual content will generate the greatest outcomes for your business?

6. Tactical execution

The doing part, and our favourite piece of the puzzle! Once we have a plan in place, we’ll set up and optimise your campaigns, putting your content in front of the right people.

7. Analyse and optimise

We learn from the data. What tactics work best and why? We’re continually monitoring, analysing and optimising your campaigns, with the aim to increase conversions and ROI.

A website showing the WordPress admin interface

Our process for

Digital Marketing Success

1. Do We Fit?

Let’s work out whether we’re a good match before we make things official. That means taking a look at values, capabilities, budgets etc… and we gotta like each other, right?

2. Marketing Plan

We’ll agree on strategy, direction and scope of work that suits your objectives, market and budget. Timelines, expectations and clear KPIs are all set here. The digital environment is constantly changing, so we’ll adapt our strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

3. Low Hanging Fruit

Ahh, the glorious quick wins. We’ll be keen to impress you early, tackling any low hanging fruit and no-brainer tactics that move the needle for you. And fast. We’ll also get your analytics and reporting sorted, collect necessary content resources and take care of anything else that needs to be done and dusted.

4. Building Momentum

Our model is built around continual, long-term improvement. We’ll focus on the high priority activities most likely to generate the best results and aim for sustainable growth over time.

5. Learn & Adjust

We’re all about testing, measuring and constantly adapting to find the best results. Together, let’s learn from our wins (and our screw ups). We’ll adjust as tech changes and constantly improve our value!

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Digital Strategy FAQS

Like anything in life, things tend to work out better if you’ve got a solid plan – knowing where you’re headed and having an idea of how you’re going to get there.

The critical first step in creating an effective digital strategy is understanding your target audience. What motivates them? Where do they hang out online? How will your product or service help them?

If you don’t know what makes your audience ‘tick’ you’ll never be able to market to them effectively. This is where buyer personas come in handy. Once you understand your target audience, you’ll be able to craft appealing messages that are strategically placed right in front of them.

Short answer = it depends! There are so many options out there and it can be hard to work out which ones are best suited to your business and will produce the best results. That’s where we can help.

ROI stands for return on investment. Basically, attributing profit and revenue growth to marketing initiatives.

By calculating ROI, we can determine which marketing channels and tactics produce the best results for your business.

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