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Adept has over 35 years of experience as the largest independent pressure equipment inspection company in Australia. Providing expert training, inspection, and consultation for equipment compliance, they are trusted by clients including Coles, Woolworths, Bridgestone, and Kmart. When looking to grow their market share, they came to Redback to launch their rebrand, implement a professional digital marketing strategy and create a new website experience.



268 Ranked keywords

144 % Lift in organic search traffic

166 % Increase in conversions

95 % Accessibility health score

Adept Engineering Case Study Design Features

Design features

Clear messaging

Design features

Custom page designs

Design features

Industry-centric content

Design features

Trust & credibility

Design features

Targeted calls to action

Compliance made easy

With a wide range of of inspection and training services, simplifying the processes was crucial in optimising the user experience


A smooth experience for all users across all devices

Accessibility was a key consideration for the project, making it easy to see, hear, interact and understand to ensure a better experience for all users. Our design and development teams used their extensive experience and understanding of user needs and accessibility concerns in implementing strategies including font size, weight, and line length, hover zones, structural hierarchy, animation, alt tags for images, labelling, and more.

The complex,

Informative, industry specific content optimises SEO and user experience

Delivering content that is informative and demonstrates the breadth of experience Adept provides was critical to maximising the effectiveness of their new website. Utilising an easy-to-navigate structure and bespoke design, paired with detailed information written by our experts to maximise SEO, we leveraged every tool at our disposal to convert website traffic into education, inspection, and consultation sales for Adept. Easy to follow step by step processes, frequently asked questions, testimonials, and clear trust symbols give potential customers confidence.


Modern and engaging digital marketing solutions

Beyond a reimagined website experience, Adept were also looking to boost their professional image and engage clients with a rebrand and modernised digital marketing strategy. The rebrand was done (awesomely!) by an external designer and our creative team then developed a suite of digital assets and GIFs to announce the new brand, the new site and for use on future social media campaigns.

Beautiful on mobile

An iPhone frame
“It’s concerning how excited these designs make me…. I had to hold in a big squeal and I’ve had a big weird smile on my face at the office - I haven’t announced that we are rebranding so staff don’t know why I look so stoked!”
Elizabeth Svensk, Adept Engineering CEO

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