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Search engines like Google and Bing consider hundreds of ranking signals to decide which content appears at the top of search results. Some signals you can influence, others are a little trickier.

Put simply though, Google rewards brands that can demonstrate E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Google also knows users want fast access to reliable content and smooth experiences as they browse the web.

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated, but there are some key things you’ll need to get right in order to maximise your organic (unpaid) traffic from search engines.




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    There are plenty of SEO consultants with great ideas, but not many have the skills to implement the technical stuff. We have an in-house team of 7 experienced web developers – all based here in Newcastle.

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Our process for

Using SEO to boost your business

1. SEO research + objectives

Prior to engagement, we’ll book a meeting to discover what results you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll also complete keyword research and recommendations for your SEO strategy.

2. SEO auditing + strategy

To kick off your SEO project, we’ll perform a thorough audit of your website’s structure, technical health, content and usability. Then we’ll run through our recommendations, set priorities and agree on project timelines with you.

3. Website migrations

Launching a new website without a proper migration plan can wreak havoc on your rankings. Luckily, we have a robust process in place to ensure the best possible outcomes for your website migrations. Discover our full process here.

4. SEO growth

Google is constantly releasing new algorithm updates, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your website rankings. We’ll watch your positioning like a hawk, always on the hunt for opportunities to improve and keep results moving on up!

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How valuable is SEO to your business?

Like any marketing channel, SEO is a case of “horses for courses”. For some of our clients, visibility in Google’s organic search results is absolutely critical to the health of their business. Without Google, they’d have almost no new customers.

For other clients, organic search provides a nice extra trickle of new customers. The value of SEO really depends on your market and the search demand for your products and services. Our job is to help you identify what opportunities are available and help you maximise your results.

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Yes and no. Always think of SEO from the us’s perspective. What a search engine wants to do is rank sites where users will find the most useful and relevant content (so that people will keep using that search engine – remember, Google is a business too!).

What can make things appear even more complex is that the very definition of search and search engine are constantly expanding – there is now everything from voice search to image search and especially the growth in mobile search.

Keep in mind that YouTube (owned by Google) has become the second biggest search engine in the world, so depending on your industry, optimising your video content can be vital to your overall digital strategy.

On-page SEO are tactics that are directly under your control as a web page manager, as opposed to external links or other external signals, which can still be influenced indirectly.

On-page tools, also known as on-site tools, comprise the content of a page as well as its HTML source code (including meta tags, keyword optimisation, image optimisation, snippets, etc.). The latter aim at helping search engines “understand” what the content is all about and what information to display to their users.

The more often you update your website, the more GoogleBot visits you’ll be getting—so for high traffic websites, it pays to update often. Google crawls the most popular web pages every few days or even every few hours, because they wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest juice.

So if you’re itching to see that shiny new content pop up in search results, you likely won’t have to wait too long. Brand new websites on the other hand generally take a bit longer to get indexed than updates on already indexed sites.

SEO is for any business that wants to “be found” by potential customers. From the most global companies with operations across dozens of countries, to the corner frozen yogurt store, pretty much any business can benefit from SEO.

Now, which SEO strategies are worth investing in for each individual business, is a different story.

Differently from SEM (search engine marketing), which deals with paid marketing efforts across search engines, SEO (search engine optimisation) can be free, if executed in-house using free tools. Your time will be your main investment here.

If you prefer to outsource part or all of your SEO strategy to the pro’s, there will be a price tag. It may, however, be less than what you’d think! With so many communication channels and options on the table, finding a strategy that will fit your budget is easier than ever.

Metric-driven digital marketing is all the rage now, and for good reason. With SEO, you can often obtain measurable results for your investments: traffic, leads, conversions. Systematically testing different approaches and marketing mixes will enable you to nail down the right strategy for you.

The answer is, it depends—largely on your type of business and your chosen strategies. You might be able to reap the fruits already in days—but sometimes it takes months. SEO is generally a long term investment, but it can bring excellent results for your strategy.

Down to earth, straight shooting, kick arse team who genuinely know their stuff. We have worked with Dave and the team now for 2 years as effectively an outsourced digital marketing team. Their skill in SEM and SEO has lead to significant traffic growth for our business.
National Marketing Manager, ASX Listed Healthcare Company

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