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Yep, email marketing still works.

We’ve heard many a marketer proclaim that “Email marketing is dead”. But you know what? It really isn’t. Not for brands who focus their emails around useful, helpful and timely. We’ve helped clients automate their sales processes, re-engage prospects and improve their marketing ROI with email, SMS and database marketing. We’d love to help you too.



The more you know about your prospects and customers, the better equipped you are to communicate with them.

Our Process for
Email Marketing Success

There are tonnes of great automation tools and channels available today. Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, website chatbots. It can be tricky to decide how to tackle the attractive but challenging notion of marketing automation. We'll help you figure it out with a practical, step-by-step process from brief to implementation, all the way through to ongoing maintenance.


Which email marketing software is best?

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We’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to email marketing tools and automation software. From Mailchimp to Autopilot, and Hubspot to Marketo, there is likely going to be a platform that suits your specific needs. We have experience with many of the major platforms and help you get the most out of your investment in automation.


These humans can help you attract, engage and convert across email, SMS and more.

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We’ll help you make the most of every contact you collect for your business with clever, modern email marketing.

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Email Marketing FAQs

  • What is an automated email?

    Email automation is the most effective way to engage in email marketing with existing customers and leads. An automated email enables you to send out personalised newsletters, vouchers and other marketing content to thousands of your customers at once.

    Using automation, you initially spend time setting up a sequence of emails with individual triggers, so when customers takes a specific action, they receive an email from your business without you having to perform any manual work. Automation allows businesses to develop closer relationships with their customers by maintaining effective communication and brand awareness. It’s also is a great strategy to help push leads onto the next steps in their customer journey.

  • What is the purpose of email marketing?

    The purpose of email marketing is to enhance the relationship of a business with its current, previous or potential customers. Emails encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, and convince people to purchase a good or service immediately.

  • Does marketing automation have social plugins integration option?

    Depending on which marketing automation tool you use, many have the option for the integration of a social plugin to help you automate the entire customer journey. Triggers, actions and conditions can be included in your social media integration.

    For example:

    Trigger: Facebook Lead Ad Submitted – Add a contact to a journey when they submit a Facebook Lead Ad.

    Condition: Has Submitted Facebook Lead Ad – Check if a contact has previously submitted a specific Facebook Lead Ad.
    Action: Depending on the result from the condition – Add/Remove to/from custom Facebook audience.

  • How is a marketing automation tool different from a CRM?

    Marketing automation software and Customer relationship management (CRM) software are completely different and serve two (2) distinct purposes. Automation software is primarily marketing focussed, while a CRM is sales focussed.

    Marketing automation software enables you to follow a prospect’s top-of-funnel activities, including when they visit your website, open an email, read your blog, fill out a form, or see a Facebook ad. Automation software such as Autopilot can be used to schedule and track marketing campaigns and mass business-to-customer communications.

    CRM systems help push sales across the line by personalising the customer journey. CRM’s are vital for eCommerce stores. They store information including how long the customer has been in contact, past purchase records, the dates and notes of any phone conversations, a record of inbound email, plus more.

  • Can I automate the complete lead nurturing?

    Absolutely you can. We encourage you to! Automated lead nurturing is an extremely effective way to create an email campaign that sends your leads the perfect emails, at the perfect time throughout their customer journey. Although each business needs to develop a unique lead nurturing campaign, automating this can enable your business to  grow a relationship with leads and convert them to customers.

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