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RV Safety Awareness Project

The RV Safety Awareness Project, supported by the Federal Government’s Road Safety Awareness & Enablers Fund, aims to target areas of risk that are specific to RV travellers, educate these road users to reduce incidents, and encourage consistent and compliant behaviour on Australian roads. In collaboration with the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia), we were engaged to develop a sleek, educational website, enabling users to discover useful resources quickly and easily.

Saving lives on Australian roads


40 pages of useful safety content

5000 monthly users from a base of zero

Design features

Intuitive search

Design features

Simple navigation

Design features

Visual information

Design features

Useful content

Design features

Clear calls to action

Preventing injury & saving lives with RV safety education

RVSafe provides free, high-quality educational materials to RV-consumers Australia wide. Supported by the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Limited (CMCA), their program helps improve behaviours on Australian roads, and reduce issues caused by overweight or non-compliant vehicles.


Intuitive navigation creates simple, educational user journeys

The main purpose of RVSafe's website was to be an educational tool for drivers across a diverse range of RVs, from campervans to motorhomes and caravans. We built a custom layout with categorised learning tools, featured articles, and a focus on search functionality, enabling users to find content and resources easily.


Ease of use for all users across all devices

A key consideration for this project was accessibility. We needed to make the content simple to navigate for all people so that RVSafe would be capable of reaching as many as possible to save lives. Our design and development teams carefully considered design and interface elements for their impact on a user’s ability to see, hear, understand and interact with the website. The result is an intuitive and highly engaging user experience, which prioritises simplicity and access to meaningful content.

Beautiful on mobile

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