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A website for a heartfelt cause

Her Heart is a not-for-profit organisation (NFP), focused on the education and prevention of women’s heart disease. As an NFP, Her Heart was able to secure government funding to develop a website. The challenge was delivering a cost-effective website that still achieved all the results they desired. For a cause like this, we were happy to take on the challenge.

A new website fit for success

Key results

26 % Increase in traffic

48 % Increase in mobile users

46 % Increase in website content engagement

Design features

Clear call-to-actions

Design features

Visual facts

Design features

Survivor stories

Design features

Donation functionality

Education for a cause

Empowering women to make the necessary change

The aim of the website was to provide an information hub, helping raise awareness of heart disease and empower women to take proactive steps to decrease their risk. We created an inviting space to find helpful resources with a warm friendly tone, positive visuals and a soothing colour scheme.

Design that makes
a difference

Custom-designed elements reinforcing the impactful message and motivating site visitors to action.

We built a theme website with custom elements such as statistics on heart disease in Australia, a donation tool to fund educational campaigns and a resource hub with a wide range of information. The site was also integrated with the Browserloud tool, making it easily accessible for all visitors.

Beautiful on mobile

An iPhone frame
“Redback developed our beautiful new website. It was just the right look we were after and conveyed the message perfectly. We can’t thank them enough!”
Her Heart, Managing Director

The final result

We delivered a beautiful, easy to navigate website, full of handy resources. With a friendly tone and positive visuals, we presented factual information in an engaging way, demonstrating how heart disease impacts women in Australia and the importance of looking after your health. We were so happy to work with this NFP, helping thousands of women across Australia improve their health and help those affected find support and long-lasting connections.

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