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Since 1999, Redback have developed over 1200 websites for clients of all shapes and sizes – making us one of Newcastle’s oldest, most trusted web design and development brands. In July 2018, we were acquired by long-time collaboration partners, Vicinity Marketing– specialists in growing audiences, traffic and sales online. One year later, we decided to retire the Vicinity brand and operate under one banner as Redback.

When you choose Redback you get access to a highly talented, experienced team of digital marketers and website specialists.

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Website Design & Development

Building on WordPress?

Here’s why we recommend WordPress

Powering over 30% of Earth’s websites, WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). And for good reason. Building your site on WordPress gives you unmatched flexibility, technical performance, ease of use and security. Our team designs and builds WordPress websites in Newcastle for clients across Australia and overseas. Whether you’re after a cost-effective theme-based site or a custom-designed WordPress solution, we’re the Newcastle web design team for you.

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What is a “Smart” website?

Honestly? A “smart website” is just a bit of wanky marketing terminology we made up – sorry, we couldn’t think of anything else that was short and punchy at the time of writing! What we’re really trying to say is that when we’re involved in your project, the focus won’t only be on designing a pretty new website. We’ll be looking for ways to create business efficiencies and better experiences for your site users.

This may mean a number of things – an integration with your booking system, a cleaner conversion funnel and push notifications on mobile devices, or even an advanced analytics implementation to help trigger smoother digital journeys for your prospects.

Whatever “smart” means for you, let’s achieve it together.


Here’s a little video we whipped up to show you what our agency is all about

Our Web Design
& Development Process

We live in an impatient, ever-changing world where consumers want a fast, smooth, useful website experiences across all devices at all times. Hence we believe that having your website built by experienced, professional web developers is now more important than ever. Here's an overview of our simple process for designing and developing websites here in Newcastle.

Step 1

Initial Call or Meeting

First, we’ll get clear on your website objectives. We’ll book a meeting or call with your stakeholders and the web team at Redback to discover what results are you hoping to achieve, what functionality you require, etc.

Step 2

Proposal and Timeline

We’ll provide you with a proposal and an estimated delivery timeline. Pricing and timing depends on whether you’re going with a cost-effective templated site, or a more customised web experience uniquely-designed for your brand.

Step 3

Project Kick-off

Once you’ve signed off on the website design and development proposal, we’ll start the process of planning out the essentials such as your sitemap, an SEO migration plan, organising content resources, integration planning, etc.

Web Design Meeting

This is where we discuss specific design requirements and nail down the “look and feel” of your new website. This meeting is an opportunity for us to get creative and really map out what content will be required for the new site.

SEO Step 5

Design Screens

If you’ve opted for a custom-designed website, we’ll provide a number of interactive design prototypes (see examples here). You’ll get to review the designs across multiple devices and we won’t progress to the coding stage until you love the look!

SEO Step 6

Staging Site

This is where the development team get coding. Typically, we’ll integrate your newly designed website into WordPress and provide you with a living / breathing prototype where we can start uploading content, data and other bits and pieces.

SEO Step 7

Approval and Final Tweaks

There’s always a few final tweaks and changes to make to the staging site. Once all the content and data is loaded, we’ll send across to you for final review and approval. We’ll also implement any necessary URL redirects / tracking codes etc.

SEO Step 8

Go-Live and Learn!

The fun part! We launch your new website live into the interwebs, submit it to Google and run a few tests. That first few weeks of data is critical, so we’ll also provide a post go-live report with insights on the performance of your new site.


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Website Marketing FAQs

  • What is a conversion on a website?

    Great question! Marketing lingo can often become a little confusing.

    A website conversion is when a visitor to your website takes an action you desire. This can include clicking the call button, signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. Conversions are unique to every client and website, and, there can definitely be more than one!

    A conversion, however, is different to your website conversion rate. This is the number of desired actions take (conversions), divided by the number of visitors to your site. This number can change frequently, especially if you provide a product or service that is seasonal in nature.

  • How can I increase my websites conversion rate?

    So you desperately want to improve your website conversions? Good news is, this can be achieved much easier than it first seems. A lot of the time, it comes down to the user experience (UX). If the user of your website gets frustrated, it’s likely that they won’t convert. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, loads fast, has relevant content (including text, images and video), and most importantly, make sure that your desired action is easy to SEE! Using buttons such as “add to bag” or “sign up” practically beg your visitor to click on them. Make sure your button is easy on the eyes though. No one likes to tap something that doesn’t look good!

  • How to increase website sales conversions

    Is your “subscribe” Google Analytics goal showing great results, but you just can’t manage to increase your website sales conversions?

    One of the best things you can do is to check you actually have a goal in place, and, make sure it’s SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and, Time-Based. This is your first step to achieving more conversions! You can only change and improve upon goals that you are actively monitoring.

    Secondly, you need to ensure that you are targeting the right people with the right message! The key to increasing sales conversions is increasing the amount of relevant traffic. Once you achieve this, figure out what promotional offer appeals to your audience and, voila! Hello conversions.

  • How can I get more visitors to my website?

    Increasing traffic to your website starts with our good friend, SEO. Optimising your website for google in order to land a top place on a Google search is a great, free source of traffic. In order to achieve this, you need to have a great website that Google likes, along with all the right keywords so you actually appear in searches. Activity such as blogging, developing high quality backlinks and ensuring all of your metadata is up to date will also help drive your organic traffic .With over 50% of internet usage now occurring on the run, a mobile responsive website is also a must!

    Also, never forget to engage on social media. Simple things like word-of-mouth can travel a long way!

  • Can Google Analytics track conversions?

    Absolutely it can! Google Analytics is incredible when it comes to tracking goals and conversions. It allows you to track how long a person stays on your website as well as how many pages they visit. You can also set up a destination goal to trigger when someone lands on a specific page. For example, you can track a visitor who completes a purchase by setting up the ‘thank you for your order’ page as your destination goal.

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