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Is content really “King”?

Well, yeah – for many businesses…but having outstanding content is only part of the puzzle. Ever dropped thousands of dollars and hours on a big wonderful video production and wondered why it didn’t help sales? Let’s produce and promote content that focusses on outcomes for your business.



Remarkable content really is key to any successful digital marketing strategy. But how much content do you really need to create?

Our Approach to
Content Marketing

Without content there can be no website copy, no social ads, no emails or certainly no search engine rankings. But the importance of content and the volume required varies greatly from business-to-business. We'll help you create a content marketing strategy that works for you and your market.

Step 1

Brief + Objectives

We ask you questions. Questions about what you want to achieve from your content marketing. How does your brand want to show up? Who are you targeting? Where are they? How does content fit into your customer journeys?

Step 2

Research + Planning

Here’s where we go find out what type of content and creative channels are most likely to help us achieve your objectives. We then build a content strategy and start planning out how to bring it all together.

Step 3

Creation + Approval

The fun part – creating and approving your content. Work with our in-house creators OR we can work with your in-house team. Either way, we’ll help you find the right creators to get your message across effectively.

Launch + Learn

Our favourite part – We put your content in front of the right people and we learn from the data. Why did people love that video? How did that blog post convert so many subscribers? Rinse and repeat!


Humans Want Video

Are your customers human?

You may be aware that over 5 billion videos are consumed on YouTube every day. And Facebook boasts over 8 billion daily video views on it’s platform. Those are two big fluffy statistics that probably mean you need to be embracing video as a key component in your content strategy. Then ya gotta do video and do it well.


Film Production

When professionalism and top-notch quality are called for.

We’re not a production house and we don’t pretend to be. Our job is to get eyeballs on your videos and work with your creator of choice to drive outcomes. We collaborate with a number of great local creators. Most often, we use and recommend our friends at Thirty3South Films for our clients’ film production work. They’re bloody amazing.

Social media videos

Everybody knows that the key to great social results is effective video.

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin provide huge user attention levels, precision targeting capabilities and cost-effective advertising options. But all of that is thrown out the window if you can’t get your creative right. And the most effective creative is usually video. We can create clever, cost-effective social media videos to help amplify results from your digital campaigns.


Here are the humans that can help create and run your content strategy

Want content that moves the needle?

We’ll help you put your content in front of the right people at the right time, to produce real business outcomes.

Let's talk content.

Content Marketing FAQs

  • What is the main purpose of a blog?

    Blogs are a great way to promote a product or service as well as share information and expertise about a topic in your industry. From a marketing perspective, blogging should definitely be a part of your content marketing strategy. The main purpose of your blog is to drive traffic to your website. It is an evolving collection of articles, keywords, and knowledge that all SEO campaigns rely on. Research has shown that you have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website, and, businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing strategy get 67% more leads than those who don’t. If you’re not already blogging, this should serve as a pretty compelling reason to start!

  • What is a content marketing strategy?

    A content marketing strategy is a “map” that outlines how to best utilise content to attract, acquire, and engage prospects and customers. This is different to a content strategy which focuses on the creation and sharing of content.

    In a content marketing strategy, it is important to identify how your content is going to address your key business and customer needs. Ask yourself the 4 W’s:

    Who is your target audience for this content?

    Will your identified target audience receive a benefit from consuming our content?

    What beneficial content can we as a business consistently deliver?

    Where can you distribute this content so it reaches your audience?


  • Is social media content marketing?

    Social media is definitely a component of content marketing. It’s made of the same fundamental elements that make up a blog for instance: Copy, images, videos, strategy, and storytelling. When creating a social media strategy or content, it is important to refer back to your content marketing strategy (link here). Make sure your business goals are converted into marketing goals, then content goals, then social media goals. This helps maintain consistency and a “uniform” for your brand and business. It also demonstrates the connectedness between the content on your blog and website as well as your social media channels. Social media also creates a channel of communication through social shares and comments which customers absolutely love!

  • What are the benefits of content marketing?

    Content marketing has both instant and long term benefits – win!

    Through optimising your content for SEO, it can help build your authority and credibility with Google, thus, increasing your visibility online. This helps to improve your brand awareness and brand recognition with customers which in the long run, generates more traffic to your site and improves lead generation.

    By continually sharing up to date, knowledgeable and relatable content, your business becomes positioned as an expert within your industry. This creates a sense of trust between your brand and customers, developing loyalty and long lasting relationships.

    Content marketing is also an extremely cost effective method. Inbound marketing can often deliver a higher ROI than outbound.

  • How long should my blog post be for SEO?

    We knew you were going to ask this one! There are many variables that can and should be considered when deciding what is the best length for your articles and blog posts. As with any content creation, it’s always a great idea to look back at your 4 W’s (link). We always aim to write our blogs anywhere between 800 – 2,000 words, depending on the audience, topic, and purpose. The ideal length of your blog post however needs to supply the best, most useful and optimised content for your target audience that matches their intent. Always remember, quality over quantity.

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