Congratulations to WellFit Personal Training!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that social video marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. Undoubtedly, this visual medium is an extremely effective communication method for brands who want to truly engage with their audience online.

When I sat down with Brendon & Drew (owners of WellFit Personal Training) in December 2012 to work out a content plan for the following year, the idea of a daily video series was thrown up. Dubbed WellFit 365, we aimed to publish an informative video every day of 2013 on the business’ YouTube channel. It seemed like a great idea in theory and a plan that we could fit into our schedules pretty easily.

In the personal training niche, there is a HEAP of competition both online & offline – especially in a health & fitness focussed town like Newcastle. WellFit had been in business for just over a year at this stage and we wanted to establish them as a market leader as quickly as possible.

People invest in personal training for professional advice, psychological support & innovative training techniques that ultimately lead to results. To truly lead a competitive local market like this, we knew we had to establish WellFit Personal Training as a trusted authority through creating & publishing useful content. With this in mind, we created a multi-pronged video plan to help WellFit’s clients & prospective clients stay on top of their health & fitness.

WellFit 365 included informative videos on a range of topics including workout demonstrations, nuggets of fitness motivation gold, mindset coaching, healthy eating, weight loss & general lifestyle tips.

We created a daily system to streamline the video production process, assigned roles and kicked off the campaign on January 1, 2013. I’m not going to lie – the daily videos series was taxing & at times it became a pure pain in the ass for all three of us. After about 180 days, we ran out of steam (partly due to WellFit moving their studio into a new facility). However, during this 6 or so months, WellFit published a MOUNTAIN of useful video content for their viewers. We promoted the YouTube videos everywhere that our audience hung out online – the WellFit blog, email list, the company’s Facebook page & even Google+.

The feedback we received from clients & Facebook fans was amazing. People really learned alot from the content. Aside from the comments, likes & shares online, we had a handful of people offline recognising Drew & Brendon in the street – Something that we would have never predicted. WellFit Personal Training clearly earned plenty of local brand recognition through this campaign.

100,000 views on YouTube Sounds Great, But What’s the Benefit?

This level of social reach is a great effort for a local business with a limited marketing budget. But apart from the bragging rights of having your videos watched by thousands of people around the World, what’s the point for a business targeting localised clients?

The 100,000 views milestone is just a nice number to celebrate, but the real benefits of WellFit’s video campaign included the following:

– Increased search engine rankings & website traffic thanks to the regular video blog content. (Google loves fresh, original content & some of the videos attracted powerful backlinks from other health & fitness websites)

– Accelerated local brand awareness & reputation

– Steady growth of Facebook fans & new client leads via social channels

The lesson here is that content marketing is not just for companies targeting location independent customers. Even though many of WellFit’s global YouTube viewers will never become clients, this campaign still delivered a massive return on investment.

How can your business improve your local customers lives through useful content?