Learnings from 100 Days of Social Video Content Marketing with Brandon Clift

Social video content can drive leads and sales for your business. Brandon Clift shares insights from publishing 100 consecutive days of video content to social media… with his iPhone! Learn the process of an effective production schedule.

5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Video Content Marketing With Brandon Clift:

1. What are the benefits of video content marketing?

2. How can small local businesses find the time to produce loads of content marketing?

3. Why did Brandon set someone on fire in one of his videos?

4. Why does video content marketing need to be consistent?

5. What burning fitness question does Brandon answer in episode 69?


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You know you’ve made it big time when your 3rd place trophy in a Musclemania fitness modelling competition ISN’T your greatest achievement!

The fact is that Brandon Clift, Founder & Head Personal Trainer at Zone Transformation Specialists has so much more to be proud of. His thriving business and down-to-earth demeanour are testaments to his past personal struggles and we reckon his greatest achievement is keeping a normal-sized head through it all!

We can all learn a lot from Brandon, but if you take anything away from this podcast it should be the fact that you don’t have to be a marketing expert to create an awesome marketing strategy that works for your local business.

In this episode, Brandon and Dave discuss some of the benefits of consistent content production and the processes to help you put an effective production schedule in place that works for your business.

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Video production by our friends at Thirty3South Films in Newcastle


1 Video Every Day For 100 Days

Zone Transformation Specialists is a Gold Coast company that focuses on transforming both mind and body, encouraging a healthier, happier lifestyle for every individual. While his business is relatively new, Brandon’s already seen great success from his video marketing strategy.

One standout decision that started Brandon’s whole love affair with video content was when he decided to produce 100 days of consecutive video content. It came from a realisation that the videos he had been producing were too overanalysed. He thought everything had to be perfect, but that mindset was actually hindering the performance of his content.


“Just write some bad poetry.”


In the end, Brandon decided to stop overthinking things and just go for it. He began sharing a consistent string of videos on social media — most of them filmed on his iPhone — which generated such a buzz on social media that he never could have anticipated and became a very successful method of generating leads.

It took a while for Brandon to get into his stride and for his audience to become engaged. Just look at the difference between episode 1 & episode 100 to see for yourself that magic certainly doesn’t happen overnight!


Keep Your Content Marketing Consistent

Building up a loyal audience is not unlike building a strong relationship. Just like with a partner, you’ve got to prove your trustworthiness and give your audience time to make up their mind.

If you’re in charge of running a business, you know that no two days are the same and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up a consistent marketing routine when you’re busy enough trying to keep your bottom line afloat.

Brandon found that by promising something and delivering it not only built trust with his audience, but it was also a good way to connect with them every day and that consistent connection ensured he was never far from their minds.


The Value Of Authenticity In Video Content Marketing

In this saturated market with polished messages coming at us left, right and centre, people crave authenticity. It’s relatable and personal. There is no point wasting your time trying to be something that you’re not, because your audience can spot a fake a mile away.


“Don’t pump out content for the sake of it”


Regardless of whether you’re producing videos, a podcast or a blog, openness and authenticity are the two most important elements for building loyalty within your audience. Before sticking with his raw iPhone-filmed style, Brandon did a few properly produced, in-depth videos. Not only were they more expensive and time-consuming to produce, they don’t get nearly as many views as his raw, more genuine videos.


What If Being In Front Of A Camera Scares The Bejesus Out Of You?

Unfortunately we’re not all chiseled, charismatic ex-gymnasts. What if (like Dave Eddy) you’ve got a face for radio, or simply aren’t comfortable having your mug all over YouTube?

Instead of just doing video for the sake of doing video, find out what your audience engages with the most and do that! Consider your audience through every step of your content production and never forget to ask yourself what’s in it for them? What benefits they will get from your content?

Now, it may just be that your audience responds best to thorough, informative blog posts, but you have trouble writing a Tweet 140 characters long. What if your target market are connecting with brands on Instagram & Pinterest but you’ve never even heard of the latter? Don’t stress.

If you’re really not comfortable with a particular medium, you’ve got three options:

  1. Find a way to self improve

Whether it’s taking an online course in blog writing or taking acting lessons to improve your on-screen presence, self improvement is never a waste of time or money.

  1. Find someone else in your business who is good at that medium

As every good business owner or team leader knows, you’ve got to put the aces in their places. Delegating certain parts of your content production to a trusted member of your team (or a freelancer) will ensure the best outcome possible and a more efficient use of everyone’s time.

  1. Find another medium

If your business is just not equipped to compete on particular medium, connect with your audience elsewhere, in an arena you’re more comfortable with. There will always be more than one way to reach them.


Systems And Processes For Consistent Content Creation

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you plan on creating, as long as you plan it. Below are some of Brandon’s tips to ensure your content creation process is both efficient and effective.

Know Your Niche

You need to be really clear with who your audience is. Ask them what they want to know? What’s their language? There’s not a single business out there that doesn’t have questions from their customers that they need to answer every single day.

Choose A Consistent Content Format And Platform

It may take some time to refine a particular format that works but once you’ve found it, stick to it. Just like brand assets, your content style will become synonymous with your business and help people easily identify and remember you.

As always, take your audience into account; what do they like to see and where? Choosing to make each episode just 60 seconds long enabled Brandon to easily share his videos on Instagram, where much of his audience was.

Make Mistakes

It’s ok to make mistakes, that’s how we learn what our best methods are. Test out different times for posting and different structures, using tools like Facebook or Google Analytics to help you know what works and what doesn’t work.

Be Stingy With Your Time

The most successful people in business will always be those who know how to manage their time and are always searching for more efficient ways to complete daily tasks. You don’t have to do 100 consecutive days of content, but having tried and tested content production systems in place will ensure your workday isn’t monopolised by a 60 second video.

Plan Even The Unplanned Stuff

Mixing things up is a great idea to keep your videos or blogs interesting, as long as there’s a balance between off-the-cuff and planned, processed content. Both Dave and Brandon agree that David Jenyns’ book Authority Content is a fantastic resource for marketers and business owners interested in planning and creating useful content.

To find out more about today’s guest Brandon Clift, follow him on FacebookInstagram & connect with him on LinkedIn.


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