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Reach the right audiences in the right places with localised digital marketing on Google My Business.

Multi-Location Marketing Newcastle Chasing local customers?

From dentists to franchises, airports to shopping malls… If location is important to your customers, we’re the digital marketing and SEO agency for you. Lean on our experience and achieve scale with the latest localised marketing tactics and platforms like Google My Business.

SEO and marketing across multiple business locations always comes with its challenges. Consistent branding, audience segmentation, localised ads and analytics for each location are just some of the many things you need to consider. Luckily, we know multi-location marketing like the back of our hand.

We’ve managed successful digital campaigns for franchises and brands with 2, 20, even 80 locations. Now, we’d love to tackle any localised marketing challenge you throw at us!

Why we’re a great fit

  • Practical solutions

    We'll recommend marketing strategies, channels and tactics that suit your business, your audience and your budget.

  • We focus on data

    Our number nerds analyse and optimise the things that matter, ensuring your marketing translates into tangible outcomes.

  • We embrace change

    New technology is constantly coming out. We’re always adapting to the latest tools, keeping you ahead of the pack and bringing the best possible results.

  • We're reliable

    There's a reason more businesses trust Redback than any other Newcastle digital agency.

Our process for

Localised Online Marketing

1. Taking stock

When lots of locations are involved, there’s normally some sort of logistical mess to sort out up front. We’ll work with your stakeholders to organise the required accounts, properties and reporting systems to ensure we’re as coordinated as possible.

2. Priorities + Execution

Some of your locations likely need more energy than others, and resources often won’t allow us to attack every channel for every location all at once. We’ll work with you to set clear priorities and gain some early wins.

3. Optimisation + Efficiencies

We’ll find ways to optimise your marketing resources most efficiently across all your offices, stores or branch locations. Whether that be ad budget, content, web assets or just shared learnings

4. Insights + Sale

The more locations, the more data we can collect. And the more data we can collect, the more we can scale up to capture more market share!

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Local customers, local results

Google My Business

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to market to your nearest audience is to optimise your Google My Business Listing?

If you’re a local business, claiming your listing is one of the first steps you should do to increase your local SEO and online presence. This is what makes your business listing appear when users search for related services on Google and Google Maps.

There’s really no reason not to – Google My Business is free and easy to use. It integrates with Google analytics (another free tool) that allows you to see how many website visitors and phone calls you receive from your GMB listing.

If you’d rather leave it to the pros, give us a call! We’ll optimise your GMB listing to reach your local customers on your behalf.

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Location Marketing FAQs

If you need home repairs taken care of, your coffee craving quenched or the perfect venue for your next event, how do you find it? Google, of course!

Nearly half of all Google searches are for local information. So if your business has a physical location, it’s pretty important to market this location.

If you own a business that has more than 10 store locations, you can manage these listings under one account and update information in a bulk editor.

We’ll be honest: managing local SEO for multiple locations is a time consuming process. As well as creating a GMB listing, you’ll want to create listings on relevant industry directories. Not to mention all of the location-specific content and contact information to build and optimise. The good news is that we can do this all for you.

Down to earth, straight shooting, kick arse team who genuinely know their stuff. We have worked with Dave and the team now for 2 years as effectively an outsourced digital marketing team. Their skill in SEM and SEO has lead to significant traffic growth for our business.
National Marketing Manager,, ASX Listed Healthcare Company

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