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Set your brand in motion with animated content like GIFs, stickers and augmented reality filters for your socials.

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Animated social content

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From AR filters to animated GIFs and stickers, our Digital Brand Pack will equip you with a collection of unique designs that can be used across all kinds of comms.

First, we’ll create the right digital assets for your brand, audience and applications. Then we’ll put them all into action.

Whether you want share-worthy social media moments, campaign-specific content or visual consistency across corporate communications, we’ll deliver the goods.

Why we’re a great fit

  • We help you reach your full potential

    We identify new opportunities and maximise existing ones for even greater success! Whatever your goals, let’s reach them together.

  • We listen so you can evolve

    Changes in user behaviour mean different business tactics are needed over time. We’ll adapt strategies accordingly to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • We keep things easy & efficient

    We’re always finding ways to become more systemised and streamlined to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Tap into a new growth opportunity

Get your brand moving

GIPHY fuels animated sticker searches for all the major social media and email platforms – from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and even Gmail.

Thanks to this search engine, your brand can stand out wherever your audience’s conversations take place! Even better, many businesses haven’t caught on to this mega opportunity just yet.

We’ll help you harness animated stickers to get ahead of the curve, creating your brand channel, uploading GIFs and choosing keywords for your hashtag strategy. Just sit back and watch the views roll in!

700 M Daily active users

10 B GIFs served per day

0 $ Free brand exposure with every use

15 % Ave. boost in post engagement

2 million views & counting

Branded GIPHY stickers in action

We partnered with Australia’s largest RV sharing community to create GIFs, stickers and AR filters that make their social posts as exciting as the adventures being showcased by Camplify holidaymakers.

Careful to design distinct assets for both hirers and owners, we’ve developed a suite of engaging animations that bring #vanlife to life onscreen.

Think destination ‘bumper stickers’ for popular camping spots, festive GIFs to adorn seasonal posts and interactive filters crafted to inspire holidaymakers.

Reaching the 2,000,000 views mark in just a few months, our Digital Brand Pack offering is really hitting the mark for clients like Camplify.

See the awesomeness for yourself.

Animate your brand

GIFS & stickers

Far more than fun finishing touches, branded digital assets can be a powerful tool.

Use these animations to introduce products, announce events, explain business processes, energise email signatures, decorate social posts, feature team members, create call-to-actions for ad campaigns and so much more.

An easy yet eye-catching way to connect with your audience, GIFs and stickers create a more personal, authentic and exciting experience.

Best of all, these branded digital designs are free to use and boast some seriously high engagement rates when done right!

Engage your followers

Augmented reality filters

From virtual product try-ons and campaign-focused frames to industry-specific quizzes and games, we’ve got your perfect filter strategy covered.

Hundreds of millions of users are engaging with stories on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Linkedin every day. So it’s no surprise that many businesses are using this feature for ad campaigns and brand awareness.

But with so many stories posted each minute, it’s time to make yours stand out.

To help you avoid that left swipe, our digital design team will create branded filters that not only keep your audience engaged but encourage them to take action!


That’s up to you, your needs and budget. We’ll schedule a kick-off call to confirm your business objectives and requirements, which in turn will help us to determine what digital assets are suitable and how many. We’ll also hit you with some creative ideas for each one while we’re at it!

From there, we’ll recommend a tailored solution that best suits your needs. Whether you need a once-off GIF or a continuous flow of stickers, we can structure a suitable package.

The more branding direction you can give us, the better. In other words, if you’ve got any existing branded material on hand (such as style guides, logos, icons and image libraries), please send it our way.

That said, our talented team can also work from scratch. We can even create a brand guidelines document on your behalf before we dive into digital asset production. Just let us know where you’re at and we’ll work out the rest!

While social media posts might be the most obvious application for our Digital Brand Pack, there are heaps more opportunities to tap into with these engaging little animations!

In fact, we’ve got lots of clients who utilise GIFs in a more corporate setting for both internal and external comms. We’ve listed a few such ways you can use GIFs below:

  • Explain operations and processes visually
  • Deliver engaging announcements to stakeholders – everything from logo changes, legislative updates and company awards to branch openings, product launches and new partnerships
  • Animate team bio photos
  • Create festive and topical email signatures
  • Promote and draw attention to certain services or value adds
  • Ensure a professional, consistent look across online communications

A GIF is an ever-looping series of soundless visual media, while a sticker is just a GIF or other visual media with a transparent background that can be appended to your social media stories or other digital content.

It’s concerning how excited these branded GIFs make me…. I had to hold in a big squeal and I’ve had a big weird smile on my face at the office - I haven’t announced that we are rebranding so staff don’t know why I look so stoked!
Liz, Excited Redback client

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