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We’re pretty much obsessed with phone call analytics. Tracking and analysing inbound call data is one of the best ways optimise your marketing efforts and improve your sales conversion rates. Whether you’re investing money in Google Ads, SEO, social or offline advertising – call tracking can help you understand your customers and improve your return on marketing spend.


Our relationship with CallRail

Trusted by more than 100,000 businesses across Australia and the US, CallRail is consistently ranked as the world’s leading phone call tracking platform for data-driven marketers. When CallRail finally came to Australia in 2017, we became their first Australian agency customer and shifted all of our clients’ call tracking campaigns across immediately. We now lean heavily on their intuitive and powerful call analytics tools to help make sense of our clients’ inbound call data.

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Call Tracking FAQs

  • What is phone call tracking?

    The latest call tracking software can tell you which of your marketing campaigns are successfully generating calls, and which are failing.

    Call tracking uses a variety of different phone numbers for your marketing campaigns, that automatically forward to your business’s main line. This means, that if someone searches for your business and finds a phone number without clicking on a link (this could be a search ad, display ad, Facebook page, facebook ad or organic result), the number will be unique to each of these locations. The call tracking software records the number of calls you receive on each unique number, providing you with a genuine view on how your campaigns are working.

  • Why should I use call tracking?

    Call Tracking is a valuable and reliable digital marketing tool for any business that depends on phone calls for leads, clients, and customers. Call tracking allows business owners to:

    Correctly attribute incoming calls to the efficiency of a unique marketing channel.

    Make accurate and reliable calculations of ROI for marketing campaigns.

    Measure marketing expenses for different campaigns.

    Optimise future marketing budgets to favour the more efficient channels.

    Call tracking also makes for a great companion to your SEO efforts.

  • How to track phone calls from website

    Using call tracking software, such as CallRail, will enable you to accurately track phone call from your website, as well as other marketing channels and campaigns you may be running.

  • How does AdWords track phone calls?

    Google Ads uses conversion tracking to provide insights into how effectively your call-only ads and ads with call extensions lead to incoming phone calls for your business. We can integrate third party call tracking tools with Google Ads directly to get a clearer picture of your ad campaign results. 

    You can also use Google’s free website call forwarding feature. For some businesses, this may be all you need.

    However, Google’s native call tracking functionality is limited and leading platforms like CallRail, Avanser and Delacon provide more features to give you far deeper insights.

  • Can You Use a Call Tracking Number in Google My Business?

    To get an accurate sense of how effective your Google My Business listing is at driving business, having a call tracking number on your listing can work. However, we normally don’t recommend this method unless you’re going to be using that same number across all your digital listings because inconsistent phone numbers across the web can screw with your local search visibility. There are a few other ways to track calls from Google My Business. Feel free to contact us and we can help you decide the best way to go.

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