Instagram Marketing Success Story + The Tinder for Food

Start seeing measurable results from your Instagram marketing! We chat with Jessica Koncz: Insta-foodie to instant success with her own social media agency at just 23. Hear Jess’ practical tips on how to grow any business by marketing on Instagram.


5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode On Instagram Marketing With Jessica Koncz:

1. How is Instagram different from other social media?

2. Is Instagram right for my brand?

3. Should I manage my own Instagram marketing?

4. What would a “Tinder for Food” look like?

5. How can Instagram bring measurable results to my business?


Jessica Koncz was once just a dedicated foodie, who enjoyed snapping pics of delish dishes and ‘gramming them. Today at the ripe old age of 23, She’s the owner and director of Newcastle-based social media agency Crave New Media and is about to launch her very own dining out app that’s been dubbed the “Tinder for food”.

In this episode we’ll be picking Jess’ brain on all things Insta. Hear how she built a local foodie Instagram account to 45k+ followers and used her social media skills to start her own agency. Jess also has some great practical tips for business owners who want to start marketing on Instagram or are looking to improve their strategy for better engagement.


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What’s So Special About Instagram?

Instagram originally became popular because of it’s filters, which allowed users to easily make any photo look beautiful. Today, there are 5 million monthly active Instagram users in Australia.


“I love the simplicity of Instagram, I love that it’s such a visual platform.”


One of the most enticing things about Instagram is its simplicity. Facebook has its myriad features, fake news & advertisers virtually shouting out for attention. By comparison, Insta can be a quite tranquil platform for users to scroll through and visually consume the things they love.


This is a milkshake! ? #blacktapdubai #milkshake

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While it has transformed in the past few years with the introduction of videos, algorithms, paid advertising and Stories, Instagram remains a network which rewards creativity. It is a platform for businesses to emphasise more on branding as opposed to traditional advertising.


Does Instagram Marketing Work for Every Business?

Instagram is a notoriously successful platform for industries such as fashion, travel and food.

So while some brands might be more naturally powerful on Facebook, pretty much any business can market successfully on Instagram — as long as they understand the platform.

For most users, Instagram is a sanctuary from all the marketing noise. Ironically, it’s also the platform where people follow the most brands, making for high engagement levels.

Remember that Instagram is a very creative platform, where users don’t respond very well to blatant advertising. To be safe, stick to the 80/20 rule: 80% interesting, relative content and 20% advertising.

While Instagram is a huge platform with 500k monthly users and 300k daily users, it’s no Facebook. Before considering Instagram for your business, make sure your potential customers are on it!


How to Track ROI on Instagram?

When purchasing Instagram ads, just like on any other social media, it’s easy to keep track of your metrics. But how can you track return on investment from organic posts?

“Click the link in our bio!”

A unique non-feature which has long tortured marketers, is Instagram’s veto on clickable links. Aside from paid ads, the only link allowed on a brand’s account is in the bio.

Your bio link can be still be one of the best ways to track your leads, especially when adding UTM parameters. These are tags that can be added onto a URL to give Google Analytics more information about the link.

Followers, comments & likes

Sometimes the amount of likes on a photo can be a bit misleading in terms of how well your audience engaged with it. Comments on the other hand, are great for measuring how engaging your individual posts are.

Millions of followers don’t necessarily equal success. What all brands should be doing is creating a highly targeted audience of interested customers, through commenting and liking relevant posts.

Watch the real numbers

Simply comparing the bums on seats, the website traffic and the sales you receive after each Instagram campaign.


Should I Outsource My Instagram Marketing?


“Social media wasn’t created to be scheduled a month in advance”


It also wasn’t created to be outsourced and in an ideal world, everyone would run their own social media accounts. As a business owner however, it’s virtually impossible to run a successful Instagram account and your business — there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

So what are your options?

1. Hire a part time social media manager

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a dedicated employee managing your business’ Instagram? While large companies can afford in-house social media teams, many small brands and local businesses just don’t have the budget.

2. Outsource to a social media agency

While many business owners know that social media is important for their marketing strategy, they simply aren’t interested in running an Instagram account! Sometimes it’s best to put aces in their places and leave the social media to those with the passion and the know-how. Hiring an agency is also less expensive than employing an in-house social media manager.

3. Social media consulting

Want to give it a go yourself but don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you’ve got an employee who’s keen as mustard but needs a little training? Consulting an agency can be a super cost-effective way to manage your own Instagram, while learning the skills needed to make it a success.

If possible, it’s always great to have someone within your business actively contributing to your Instagram. This helps the account maintain a personal feel, instead of becoming just another faceless brand. As Dave always says: “people buy from people, not faceless companies.”

Features like Instagram Stories are great for giving your audience a little “behind the scenes” peek, so they can get to know and like you a little better.


Marketing on Instagram: Tools & Tips

Schedule Posts

Instagram doesn’t allow automatic posting, but you can still use tools like Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance. Some of these tools also allow you to monitor hashtags and competitors’ activity.

Instagram Insights

Insights is an in-app tool that lets businesses keep track of their posts’ impressions, reach and engagement. Once you can see which posts are working better than others, you can tailor your content for maximum engagement. Make sure you convert to a business profile so you can take advantage of Insights.

Use Your Tools

Tools like Social Insight & Iconosquare work like Google Analytics for Instagram. You can track engagement for different posts, see which hashtags are working well find out more about your audience and your competitors.

Give Your Friends a Shout Out

Cross-promoting is really popular on Instagram. Tagging, commenting on and promoting other brands in your industry is a great way to gain new followers.


Instagram Dos & Don’ts

DO: #hashtag

DON’T: #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag x 30

Apart from too many hashtags looking desperate, your one single post can’t possibly be relevant to 30 different subjects (which is the maximum number of hashtags allowed on an Instagram post).

Some marketers are tempted to use popular hashtags like #nofilter and #tbt (throwback Thursday) just to be seen. While you might earn a few more likes, you probably won’t increase your following that much. Those interactions will rarely be from people actually interested in your brand — being irrelevant won’t get you anywhere on Instagram.

DO: post consistently

DON’T: post crap just because you have to

To acquire and maintain a steady following, the key is posting consistently and at the right times. BUT, just like your mum always told you: if you can’t post anything relevant, don’t post at all.

DO: like and comment on relevant posts

DON’T: be an Insta-spammer

“Follower targeting” is a real thing and can be a great way to gain ideal followers, but only if it’s authentic. Both Dave and Jess can’t stand it when irrelevant brands comment on their posts just to be seen.

DO: be true to your brand

DON’T: post other people’s images

Instagram might be owned by Facebook, but it is not Facebook. There is no sharing or reposting here. It’s all about original images and stealing another user’s work is a serious faux pas.

Those who are new to your Instagram will want to browse through your account as a whole, to get a feel for the style. If every image has a different theme and style, they will just be confused and not bother. It’s important to stay consistent with your brand’s style and identity while continuing to be interesting.

DO: make it beautiful/enticing/interesting

DON’T: make it look like an ad

Good Instagram marketing should not look like an ad. It should be generous, in terms of giving the audience what they want without (or rarely) asking for anything in return. Find out what your target audience loves and build an Instagram that caters to them. As @showpo knows, their audience loves puppies!


Awww ??✨

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The World Needs a “Tinder for Food”

Ever wondered what a “Tinder for food” app would look like? Me neither, but when I heard how it’s going to work, I decided I need this. The world needs this.

Jess’ new dish-based discovery app will allow users to choose where to eat out based on how appetising the food looks. Inspired by Tinder’s simple swiping format and Instagram’s drool-worthy food snaps, the app will showcase the individual dishes of local restaurants and cafes.

After applying filters such as distance, price, cuisine type and dietary preferences, users simply swipe through a selection of dishes, looking for “the one”. When we come across a dish that looks tempting, we swipe right to find out where we can eat it.

Launching within the next few months, this app could revolutionise the way we eat out. Follow @CraveNewcastle for more info on the release date!

To find out more about today’s guest Jessica Koncz, follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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