Get Online Reviews the Easy (100% Legit) Way.

Local Online Review Sources

So you’ve realised the importance of soliciting authentic, positive reviews of your business online.

If you’re like most local business owners or marketing managers I’ve spoken to – you’re finding it a bit of a pain in the ass to ask people to review your business on Google+ Local, or Yelp or WOMO etc. You understand that great customer reviews will help your local search rankings, your conversion rates and your bottom line, but geez – Who has the time to actually make these reviews happen?

You Need to Streamline the Online Reviews Process.

(For yourself and your customers)

If you can make it easy for customers to review your business, then you WILL benefit. Why? Quick example : You’re looking to have a ducted air conditioning system installed in your house. Would your eye be drawn to click on (Or call) the listings below WITH star ratings, or the the ones without? 5 stars would be better, but this starred business below is a great chance of being strongly considered as an air conditioning contractor here. No need for me to throw big stats at you around this – Reviews boost conversion rates, enough said.


Online Reviews Google+ Local

Here’s an easy to follow process to help you attract positive reviews from your happy customers online.

Step 1. Set up a page on your own website that gives customers instructions to review your business on various sites online. Not just on Google, but also on sites like Yelp, Facebook, WOMO (Word of Mouth Online), TrueLocal and even Yellow Pages online. If you want to check these review sites out, you can just Google them as it’s late at night right now and I couldn’t be bothered linking to them all for you. (Sorry) 😛 I will, however, give you a link to a “Review us Online” page we set up on a clients’ website to show you what I’m talking about:  All you need to do is build a similar page to this and obviously replace Dee Glass’ links with links to your own review site listings. You could even go a step further and give your customers more detailed instructions on how to review your business on Google+ Local. See my email template here to learn more about that.


Step 2. Direct your happy customers to your “Review us online” page regularly. Email a few (I repeat, only a few) customers each month and ask them to visit the page and follow the links to review your business online. Or, do up a printed brochure and hand it to customers after they’ve had an awesome experience with your business. If you’re  a home services company for instance, leave the brochure behind when you finish the job. If you’re a physiotherapist, have your reception staff hand each patient a copy of the brochure after their treatment.

Step 3. Rinse & repeat. This strategy is a really simple one, but will probably turn out to be a bit of a numbers game. If you can get 100 of your happy customers to visit this “Review Us Online” page within your site and 10 of them actually go through and leave you great feedback online – Happy days.

Remember, only try to solicit a handful of (REAL – They gotta be real!) reviews each month. Once this page is set up, this exercise will cost you about 5 minutes per month. Make a habit of it and you will generate a heap more business from Google & the rest of the local internet.

That’s it! Very, very simple and very effective if you do this properly. This is ‘low hanging fruit’ when it comes to local Search Engine Optimisation. A warning though, don’t ever try to game online review sites’ policies around solicitation. Make sure you’re only encouraging REAL reviews from REAL customers.

Hope this helps!