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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most valuable digital agency in regional Australia for our clients: delivering high quality outcomes and helping businesses realise their full potential now and into the future – all whilst enjoying the journey together.

Our History

Founded in Newcastle back in 1999, Redback Solutions was originally born as a software development firm, specialising in custom programming and application solutions. In the 2000s, more businesses started to realise the opportunity for growth online. Redback quickly started specialising in website design, development and hosting to cater for its growing base of clients in Newcastle and across New South Wales. As the internet evolved, Redback has been there to adapt with it every step of the way. From the early days before Content Management Systems like WordPress existed, to the rise of the mobile web, through to today’s crazy “Jetson’s era” of digitisation. Over the years, Redback has delivered over 1500 websites and digital projects for a broad range of clients – from solo operators, to small-medium sized companies, large corporates, government organisations and even international brands.

Our Evolution

In July 2018, we were acquired by long-time collaboration partners, Vicinity Marketing – specialists in growing audiences, traffic and sales online. One year later, we decided to retire the Vicinity brand and operate under one banner as Redback. When you choose Redback you get access to a highly talented, experienced team of digital marketers and website specialists based right here in Newcastle, Australia.


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Why Choose Us?


You and your customers matter

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You + your customers matter

We’re here to deliver you more of your ideal customers

Something you may notice about us is that we’re always talking about your most valuable customers. Who are they? Where do they hang out online? How do we reach more of them? How do we engage better with the “A” customers you already have? After all, we are acutely aware of where we sit in the marketing food chain. New customers to your business = food on your table (and ours!)


We focus on your numbers

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We focus on your numbers

If we can’t measure it, we won’t recommend investing your money in it.

We reckon you probably shouldn’t spend a dollar on marketing without having some form of measurement, attribution or financial objective in mind. There are literally billions of metrics we could spew at you and of course we get the value of brand and reach and impressions. However, we’d prefer to focus on the outcomes that matter for your business. Like leads, sales and dollars.


We’ll keep you ahead of the curve

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Keeping ahead of the curve

Because the robots are coming and your marketing needs to adapt.

The robots are coming? Yeah seriously. Traditional jobs, services and industries are being automated and disrupted every week. Marketing is no different. New tech is coming out constantly and we’re always needing to re-learn and adapt with change. It’s tricky to stay on top of, but we love it and we see it as our responsibility to help keep you ahead of the pack.


We’re flexible and we listen

Slinky in Orange

We’re flexible and we listen

Two ears, one mouth and always doing the limbo for our clients

As Mike Tyson once said “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”. None of us have ever punched anybody, but we gotta agree with him. Of course, we need to keep our eyes on your long term strategic goals. But sometimes the goalposts change and we need to try different tactics on a whim. We pinky promise to be responsive and flexible when stuff changes in your business and the plan has to change.


We have the digital runs on the board


The proof is in the pudding!

We’ve always done digital marketing and we’ve always focussed on outcomes.

If you haven’t already, check out some of the results we’ve help our clients achieve over the years. These are all real runs on the board. One of the differences with us is that we have always been digital marketing specialists. We’re not dabbling in a bit of traditional media, or taking on branding work. We’re fully focussed on the execution of results-based digital marketing for our clients.


We’re organised and systems-driven


We’re organised & systemised

Those annoying OCD people who track and document almost everything

Ahhhh, time…we all need more of it! At Vicinity, we believe great processes unlock productivity AND creativity. We could be the most talented marketers in the world, but if we aren’t organised enough to get through the work then we’re not worth paying are we? Change is constant, but we’re always trying to find ways to be more efficient and systemised to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.


We’re really fun. You'll LOVE us!

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We really are fun.

Don’t you think life is wayyy too short to be boring and overly serious?

To be clear – we will always take your business and your results seriously. Like, maybe too seriously. Every single one of us has lost sleep and stressed about delivering for our clients. Honestly though, everything outside of that is a chance for us to enjoy our work and have a bit of fun. Our office is a like den of constant giggles. We love silly, we love happy and we love fulfilled ?


Our Process

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Do We Fit?

Let’s see whether we’re suited to each other before partnering up. Values, capabilities, budgets, etc… and we gotta like each other, right?


Marketing Plan

We’ll agree on a strategy, a direction and a scope of work that suits your objectives, market and budget. Timelines, expectations and clear KPIs are all set here. (Of course, stuff changes all the time online, so we can adapt as needed)


Low Hanging Fruit

Ahhh, the glorious quick wins. We’ll be keen to impress you early and knock over any no-brainer short term tactics that move the needle for you. Let’s also get your analytics and reporting sorted, collect necessary content resources, etc.


Building Momentum

Our model is built around continual improvement. In perpetual motion, we’ll focus on the high priority activities most likely to generate the best results as time rolls on.


Learn & Adjust

We’re all about testing, measuring and constantly adapting to find the best results. Together, let’s learn from our wins (and our screw ups!). We’ll adjust as technology changes and we’ll be there for you as long as we’re providing value As long as you pay our bills, of course. When people don’t pay our bills on time, our financial controller gets sooooo sad! ☹️

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