Today’s podcast guest shares his story about how he founded a localised tech startup that was born out of a need for ride sharing alternatives when Uber left Austin, Texas overnight and left hundreds of Uber drivers jobless. Andy Tryba from RideAustin will share some valuable insights about how to start a localised tech marketplace. Andy touches on how to build awareness and a brand to obtain users while managing legalities and logistics. This is a great listen for traditional business owners out there who are wondering how they can be innovative in their marketing and business growth in order to compete in a global market.

5 Questions You Can Answer After Listening To This Episode:

1. What are some of the challenges involved with developing a sharing economy app?

2. How can you convince people to try a newly developed app?

3. Is a localized marketplace approach replicable in other industries??

4. How to get a 2-sided marketplace off the ground

5. Where is the ridesharing market headed in the future?

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