Questionnaire for Local Link Prospecting

Real Local Links to Your Site = Stronger Local Search Rankings, More Traffic & Sales.

Real links pointing to your site from other web pages help search engines understand your business’ true connections in the real World. When the search engines can understand how popular and awesome your business is, they will reward your website with higher local organic rankings and that can turn into a heap of new customer enquiries & sales for your bottom line.

Trouble is, prospecting for real, high quality backlinks to your site from local connections can be a bit of a painful tour of procrastination. Often, the main source of procrastination is actually compiling a list of potential sources for quality backlinks.

This local link building questionnaire will help you get the ball rolling within 25 minutes.


Step 1. Local Link Prospecting Questions (15 Minutes)

Please set your stopwatch to 15 minutes and answer as many of these questions as best you can. No probs if you can’t / don’t want to answer a few. GO!

1. Please list all of your product suppliers / wholesalers

2. Please list all the businesses you refer business to and receive referrals from

3. Please list all the businesses you can think of that are owned by friends or family

4. Please list any other businesses you own / are involved with that have a website

5. Are you or your employees involved with any charities or community causes? Are there any causes or programs that you care about and would consider getting involved in?
(Thinking local sponsorship opportunities)

6. Are you or your children involved with any local sporting groups or recreational organisations?

7. Have you ever written a testimonial for another business, product or service? Please give details.

8. Which school / university did you attend?

9. Please list all the associations, organisations, groups etc you are aware of that are relevant to your industry. These could include anything from professional associations to local networking groups.

10. Which of these associations / organisations / groups are you already involved with?

11. Please list all the awards, licenses, certifications, competitions etc your business has acquired or even applied for. Also list all relevant awards, events etc you are aware of in your industry.

12. Have you ever been interviewed in any way, shape or form?

13. What are the most popular websites, blogs, forums, magazines, or newsletter publications relevant to your industry? Mention all print / online information sources you can think of.

14. Would you be open to offering a small discount to certain groups of people? eg. Seniors?

15. Have you ever contributed to some sort of invention / resource / product relevant to your industry or local area?

16. Employment opportunities – Are you using, or have you previously used, job posting sites or anything similar? How regularly are you hiring?

17. Have you ever held events at your business’ location or at a local function centre? If not, would you be willing to consider hosting a local event in the future?

18. Are you running any joint ventures with other businesses? eg. Cooperative discounts for each others’ customers, bundle deals etc.

19. Who are your main local competitors? List as many as possible. (We’ll be researching their website domains for link opportunities)

20. Please list any industry specific advertising organisations, or sites. Think of who you’ve been approached by recently to advertise on their site.

21. Have you ever used daily deals promotion sites to market your business? eg. Groupon, Scoopon, OurDeal etc.

22. Are you involved with any local schools, universities or training organisations?

23. Would you be willing to (if you haven’t already) share a spreadsheet of your customer database with us so we can look for further link building opportunities?

24. Important One: Do you have any content that could be published on online (Maybe after a little tweaking) that could be useful to your audience? Think of anything you or your team have written that could be published online. eg. Customer quote processes, service checklists, industry pricing stats, product specification diagrams etc. Nothing is too silly to mention.

Step 2. Brainstorming Activity (10 Minutes)

Please set your stopwatch to 10 minutes and brainstorm as many local contacts as you can under each heading. Even if you don’t really know them, or you don’t think they’ll ever be a good link opportunity. Just brainstorm as much as you can for now. Our record to date is 103 entries. GO!






eg. Please list everything from your office equipment provider, to your accountant, the cafe next door, to your cleaning company. List every single local business that you have bought something off in the past 3 years.

I hope this questionnaire temnplate was useful.

You can also check out my 2014 article on Easy Local Link Building Without Content. That article should provide you with some more ideas on how to obtain high quality local links to your site for stronger SEO & more local customers.

If you have any questions regarding local link building or local online marketing in general, don’t hesitate to sing out!